‘Ohana Pods Lana‘i

Welcome to ‘Ohana Pods! We’re a community coming together to provide learning opportunities for our keiki to continue their schooling while receiving the benefits of high-quality and in-person education.

What does ‘ohana pod mean?

An ‘ohana pod is a small group of the same students from different households coming together to receive support from a caring adult in their ‘ohana pod hui. The intent of pods is to build mutual support while minimizing the potential spread of Covid-19.

Pods can help students and families share ideas, get resources like school supplies and materials, get a tutor to help with school work. ‘Ohana pods can also include activities outside of academics like: social skills, physical activities, etc.

I want to learn more about ‘ohana pods or receive resources for my pod, what should I do?

With leaders on the island, and partners who care across the state, we can share how to start your own ‘ohana pod, or how to get resources. Send us an email and one of our staff will contact you about ‘ohana pods.

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